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A key component of the Trade Union Co-ordinating Group’s activity is about ensuring that the key issues affecting union members are not ignored in Parliament.

Despite the current lack of political representation for the trade union movement and wider civil society within much of mainstream politics, the TUCG aims to build a strong and loud parliamentary lobby for union members – holding briefing sessions with MPs, and organising rallies and coordinating parliamentary interventions.

Most of the unions in the TUCG have their own individual lobbying operation in Parliament to raise with MPs their specific issues. The TUCG aims to consolidate this work and bring together the unions voices to present a clear, strong and united stand on campaigns which are cross-sectoral and of common interest.

The TUCG is focused upon developing constructive relationships with as widespread a number of MPs as possible to ensure that campaigns concerning the trade union movement are placed on the parliamentary agenda.

Previous Parliamentary campaigns have included amendments to improve the Equality Act 2010; the Trade Union Freedom Bill and the Lawful Industrial Action and Minor Errors Bill (a Private Members’ Bill sponsored by John McDonnell MP which tried to improve trade union rights); and numerous interventions regarding pensions, health and safety, public services, tax justice and the Budget.



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By MIchael Calderbank

Foreword by Mark Serwotka, PCS General Secretary


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Based on research commissioned by the TUCG, the book examines why costs have risen for all items of expenditure, ranging from housing and child care to food and transport. He makes practical proposals on how these costs can be reduced. He also delivers an uncompromising message to the leaders of all mainstream Westminster Parties: it is time to end the politics of austerity, an ideological project to cut the size of the state permanently.