big society scissorThe Government has argued that spending cuts are needed to tackle the economic crisis.

The Trade Union Co-ordinating Group understands that the public sector works together as a whole – with each arm providing important services to make society function properly and allow people to live in dignity. Therefore, the TUCG stands alongside other unions in opposing all cuts.

Until now the largest and wealthiest commodities trader in the world, notorious for tax avoidance, has managed its murky business in the shadows. But it needs capital to fuel its growth, hence its launch on the London stock market today. Most people on the planet will not have heard of Glencore, but virtually all are only too well aware of the inflationary effects of its control of a wide range of commodities. Glencore controls 60% of the world’s trade in zinc and 50% in copper.

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Public Services and Privatisation

Commenting ahead of the Report Stage of the Education Bill in the House of Commons on 11th May, Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said; "This Government has shown with their proposed reforms to the NHS that they are prepared to pause and listen when it has been made clear that their plans are unpopular and badly thought through. I sincerely hope that they show similar respect to pupils, parents and teachers in schools and colleges and delay the Education Bill to allow their voices to be heard." DOWNLOAD NUT's BRIEFING REGARDING THE BILL


Public Services and Privatisation

The dictat to the police after the attack on Milbank was clearly to do whatever is necessary to prevent this from happening again

I have received reports of raids across London, ranging from the odd to the distressing.The most bizarre was the arrest of Chris Knight, a 67-year-old professor of anthropology, who was detained for a "pre-crime". He uses street theatre to get his political messages across and had constructed a guillotine to perform the execution of papier-mâché models of the royal family. He was detained as as he walked out his door.

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Public Services and Privatisation

Staff who look after the financial affairs of vulnerable people will strike against plans for an expensive relocation under which they will effectively be forced out of their jobs. The walkout on Tuesday is part of a campaign against the relocation from London to Birmingham of 177 jobs in the Office of the Public Guardian.

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Public Services and Privatisation

This joint snapshot survey by the NUT and UCU on the impact of cuts in further education and 6th form colleges paints a bleak picture for students and staff alike. An overwhelming majority (96%) of colleges have been told that their budgets will be cut in 2011-2012 and of these more than nine out of ten said that the cuts would have a negative impact on the teaching and learning in their colleges. Almost three quarters (74%) of respondents reported possible teacher redundancies and 76% reported potential support staff redundancies.

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Public Services and Privatisation






TheCostofLivingCrisis-jpeg 1

By MIchael Calderbank

Foreword by Mark Serwotka, PCS General Secretary


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Based on research commissioned by the TUCG, the book examines why costs have risen for all items of expenditure, ranging from housing and child care to food and transport. He makes practical proposals on how these costs can be reduced. He also delivers an uncompromising message to the leaders of all mainstream Westminster Parties: it is time to end the politics of austerity, an ideological project to cut the size of the state permanently.


New pamphlet on the effect of legal aid cuts on Family Justice.  Double click the picture below to dowload.






great pay robbery1


The impact of falling real wages, benefit cuts and soaring housing costs - with a foreword by Mark Serwotka (General Secretary, PCS).  Click image to download.


Cost of Living


 Click the image to download the new pamphlet from TUCG, looking at how the cost of living is impacting on working families, and what kind of measures are needed to really make a difference (with a foreword by Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary).

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