big society scissorThe Government has argued that spending cuts are needed to tackle the economic crisis.

The Trade Union Co-ordinating Group understands that the public sector works together as a whole – with each arm providing important services to make society function properly and allow people to live in dignity. Therefore, the TUCG stands alongside other unions in opposing all cuts.

Following the results of PCS and NUT ballotsit now appears that industrial action will take place on 30th June involving up to 750,000 public sector workers. A number of Education Unions (ATL, NUT, UCU)have held successful ballots for action over the Teachers Pension Scheme. UCU has already taken action across over 63 colleges and universities. PCS is also in dispute over pensions, jobs and pay and has just announced its ballot result of 61% Yes on a 32% turnout (*83% in favour of action short of strike).  On Monday  the NUT announced that its members had voted 92% in favour of action on a 40% turnout.

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Public Services and Privatisation

With 750,000 public sector workers about to take strike action on 30 June, public sector pensions are a hot topic. The government is trying to persuade us that they are unaffordable and unfair to those in the private sector. The reality is that low and middle income earners in the public and private sectors are being treated unfairly:

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Public Services and Privatisation


The government's first attempt to set up a 'mutual' organisation in the civil service will lead to a strike tomorrow (17), the Public and Commercial Services union announces. Staff who work for the government agency My Civil Service Pension (MyCSP) and who administer the pensions of 1.5 million existing and retired civil servants, have said they do not want to be part of a mutual arrangement and voted overwhelmingly to strike.

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Public Services and Privatisation

The POA National Executive Committee has determined that every prison and secure hospital POA branch in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will hold protest meetings on 30th June 2011 during lunchtime.

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Public Services and Privatisation

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then the development of your idea is pretty satisfying too.

Yesterday the Institute for Fiscal Studies published a report 'The spending patterns and inflation experience of low-income households over the past decade'. In 2009 LEAP published 'Inflation Report 2009: why inflation is a class issue'. It showed that inflation was hitting the poorest hardest, and concluded that: "the rate of inflation is not an objective single headline figure, but a subjective complex of forces which affect people very differently"


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Public Services and Privatisation






TheCostofLivingCrisis-jpeg 1

By MIchael Calderbank

Foreword by Mark Serwotka, PCS General Secretary


Buy now from

Based on research commissioned by the TUCG, the book examines why costs have risen for all items of expenditure, ranging from housing and child care to food and transport. He makes practical proposals on how these costs can be reduced. He also delivers an uncompromising message to the leaders of all mainstream Westminster Parties: it is time to end the politics of austerity, an ideological project to cut the size of the state permanently.


New pamphlet on the effect of legal aid cuts on Family Justice.  Double click the picture below to dowload.






great pay robbery1


The impact of falling real wages, benefit cuts and soaring housing costs - with a foreword by Mark Serwotka (General Secretary, PCS).  Click image to download.


Cost of Living


 Click the image to download the new pamphlet from TUCG, looking at how the cost of living is impacting on working families, and what kind of measures are needed to really make a difference (with a foreword by Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary).

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