Commenting on the Queen's speech which confirmed the government's plans to force public servants to pay more and work longer for a worse pension, PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said:serwotka-756937

"Confirmation in the Queen's speech that the government intends to plough on with unpopular, unnecessary and unfair cuts to public sector pensions is disappointing but not unexpected.

"Ministers have consistently refused to negotiate with us over the key issues of forcing public servants to pay more and work longer for less in retirement, and that is why hundreds of thousands of them will be on strike on 10 May.


"With the country back in recession and unemployment remaining high it is clear to everyone that austerity isn't working. Instead of more cuts we desperately need investment in jobs and public services to get our economy moving again.

"But instead of creating jobs in our economy, the government's plans laid out today show that it is more committed to carrying on with damaging cuts and simply making it easier for businesses to throw more people out of work."

PCS Press Office

Category: Pensions